I AM BACK! ...where did SHE GO? ~ It has been a little over 5yrs since I stepped away from the industry that I love: REAL ESTATE -- but, I hope that my "Clients/Friends & Community" will forgive my absence, & allow me the priviledge to serve you once again. ...what has SHE BEEN DOING? ~ I chose a path for "LIFE & FAMILY" as my routine in daily habit. I re-focused my time & emotional energy, & became a care-giver, while assisting both parents in their final years. I miss & mourn them dearly -- but my father would say: "THIS IS LIFE ~ Get Back in the Game!" * * * ...does SHE STILL HAVE IT? ~ a quick reminder: 1) She's a Hard Worker & Determined - It took her less than 2 years, working 16 hr days, to become a Foreman/Production Manager, on a fishing vessel in the Bering Sea. 2) She's Diligent & Resourceful - It took her less than 3 yrs, in the real estate industry to go from "Rookie of the Year;" (w/For Sale By Owners & 1st Time Home-Buyers) ~ to become a multi-million dollar producer, w/return customers/clients. 3) She's Creative & Savy - this past couple years, she developed a successful & artistic seasonal coffee business in Marblemount, "Crown'd COFFEE"... Yes. I AM BACK -- and I am RE-FOCUSED on YOU & YOUR NEEDS ~ So, Give me a CALL... Let's "Begin This Journey Again."